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You Think You Know What: It is

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

no one

no two

no three

let me show you what I means

it starts with me

but I don't know you

for gripping to the sum

we let go to the flow of the sun

spinning in circles just for fun

it will not end

when a black hole becomes a whole

it begins again

spinning in circles just for fun

life is just on its way out

before the crowd gets too loud

it is begging to be3 found

it also doesn't want to be found

to late now

It can't be spoken

it is behind the eyes

lined with bright

pictures of my friend

that will stay away

till you see this

as your own name

judgment dripping off me

I don't need to copy

you are far greater than I

trust me with the sky

we may never die

because you lied

and ran away from the fight

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