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You've been gone To long to remember why it's wrong

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Did I wake you

Was just trying to see the news

it is right there under your feet

I was wondering if I could get a sheet

you respond with 'no one knows, dude'

I just want to see if your dreams have come true

but forget it

I'm here sifting through this shiet

bitchin to my guide

to speed up the ride

but I'm still beside the ocean

high in the sky like a kite at night

This is brighter than mice

taking my cheese and making me scream

although I did put the cheese there

that explains why he ran off with empty hands

filled up by love and hate

strange things to break for my sake

but thanks anyway

I'm on the way to see my shrink

wrap it like a taste in the mouth

You already know I'm not what that's about

sounding like I pocked some hole in your throat

come back with notes

and we can talk quotes

but don't let him drop you like the soap

in the back of a boat


need to float

I'm coating my throat

with glue so I might catch you

and throw you to the wolves

watch those hooves

not trying to die in the hood

but was wondering if I can have other plans

probably not in this land

filled with satan and his demon friends

watch out it's a black man

coming out as batman

fuck with my man

I'll fuck you up on a bandstand

girl I ain't forgot about you

it's still too soon

but everything is coming to a head

on top of my bed

this is a threat

bitch you dead

to my head

have you met

let me introduce

the one whos coming for that

with a blade and a bat

bitch come back

we can still have fun in the sack

then we won't have to deal with that

but a meal does sound nice

questioning my sexuality

at least twice

I don't live in a social reality

I live in yours

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