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Your Landing was a little Off

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

strange matter

making up my sight

please come and die

so you to may open your eyes

to nice to be kind

I'm gonna tell you the news

of the truth in Jesus

the food for our body

water for your molly

don't call it off

let it begin first

show me what I'm worth

not to interlude my tooth

but to introduce

sue and this dude luke

trying not to puke

out that mushroom stew

soon you will no longer be two

caught me with my muse

too good at holding my boose

to ever lose

any chance with you

my lovely hues

hold the sky in a frame

painted with light and might

do you think this is lame

sorry it's kinda my thing

so not to strain your brain

but I'm comin' out with my pain

whispering a little phrase

to amaze those glazed eyes

wish I could cry

I'm stuck with these tyes

same as you my friend

this relationship may never end

will never end

as long as you are alive

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